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  Frontier was founded in 1995 in response to a need. Although we never thought it could grow into the enterprise it is now, we focused on how to do the work safely. Our initial work focused on bat compatible closures. As we completed more and more closures, we discovered a growing need for the work we were doing and our business continued to expand. In 2000 we added polyurethane foam closures to our business. Over the last decade, our construction and consultation work has expanded from our base area of the desert southwest to jobs across the country. The staff of Frontier has a diverse background. In addition to 21 years of experience closing hundreds and hundreds of mines, we have years of experience as engineers, pilots and project managers. lf you are interested in a mine closure, you can rest assured your project will be handled with skill and completed to your satisfaction. We have excellent references. Our customers are federal (Forest Service, Park Service, BLM), State (Fish and wildlife), military, and private landowners. Many of them have asked us back for repeat work when new openings were discovered. Our design packages fully describe the project and pictorially show the finished gate. Frontier is a small business registered with Dunn and Bradstreet and the U.S. Government Central Contractor Registration.



Mine filled with foam


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