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Bat Gate at abandoned  Mine Enterance
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Gate Designs for abandoned mines

Gates are designed around the threat to the particular habitat.

Here are some of Frontier's project designs:

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Adit Gate (1)

Standard Adit Gates

Typical Bat Conservation International/American Cave Conservation Association bate gate installed in adits of any shape.

(Click on picture for larger view.) Adit Gate (2)
This site consisted of unstable, fine grained powder. Anchoring a gate to this would be impossible. The solution was to install a six-foot concrete culvert in the opening and build a standard gate inside it.

(Click on picture for larger view.)

Anchoring a gate on an ustable site
Shaft Gate

Shaft Gates

Cupola bat gate installed over a shaft.
This particular site is a high vandalism-threat area so the bars are filled with concrete.

(Click on picture for larger view.)

Cupola gate installed over a six foot diameter shaft.

(Click on picture for larger view.)

.Cupola gate
High Security Gate

High Security Gates

Plug style bat gate used in high vandalism-threat areas or where the soil conditions require concrete reinforcement.

(Click on picture for larger view.)


View-Shed Friendly Gates

"Stealth" gate designed to minimize straight lines observable from certain directions.  This makes the gate virtually invisible to the  public or vandals throughout a given viewing area.

(Click on picture for larger view.)

View-Shed Friendly Gate


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