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Frontier is about service and satisfaction. You have a vision or a concept and we implement it. We have 18 years of experience closing hundreds of mines. When others companies tell you about a single project they completed, we can tell you about hundreds we have completed. Experience is invaluable. Let us handle your project and you will be more than pleased with the results. We have worked with almost every government agency and a lot of private land owners to help them reduce their exposure to liability while being responsible stewards to the wildlife using abandoned mines as habitat.

Our track record means we have done work in almost every situation. Whether the site requires boats, mules, wagons or a helicopter to mobilize, we have done it. Each site presents a different set of challenges. Our experience makes those challenges manageable. We minimize risk, we have a verifiable safety record and we have an excellent track record. When you want to complete a project, you have an easy decision. Why choose an unqualified company with no track record when you can have experience and quality.

Our services basically fall into three categories:


Our consultation services leverage on our construction experience. Your biologist may have extensive experience with wildlife surveys, but they likely have no experience building the desired structures or implementing closure plans. Once you have the biological data, let us help you develop a plan to protect your property. A comprehensive plan requires data and experience. If you provide the data, we can provide the experience. If you need help gathering the data, we can refer you to resources that can provide assistance. Whether it is for compliance documentation or wildlife surveys, we can refer you to the right group to get the job done. Once you have the right team assembled, your project will run smoother and the outcome will be a responsible mix of the appropriate techniques to protect wildlife, the public and your liability. Resources are stretched to the limit in today’s environment, not just financial resources, but human resources as well. There is a distinct shortage of qualified, experienced personnel within agencies that are needed to get your project from concept into action. Frontier can help.

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Our construction services are the product of our experience. When it comes to implementing a closure plan, whether it is for a single opening or thirty of them, we are your best choice. While we cannot guarantee the structure forever, we can assure you the structures we build for you will be built to blunt the enthusiasm of the average vandal. Too many times we have been brought in to replace a structure that was not built to standards. Choosing a contractor with no track record or an inferior design will likely produce less than desired results. Quality does not mean exorbitant prices, it means value. Call or email us today to get started with your project.

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Land Management

The third side of our business focuses on helping our existing land manager clients. These clients trust us to make them more productive by handling some of the most time consuming aspects of land management, periodic property checks. Whether it is monthly, quarterly or yearly, we can often accomplish these property checks for our clients for a reasonable price. Most companies require their land mangers verify the condition of their properties on an ongoing basis. While these site visits are sometimes low priorities, they can be extremely important. Work with Frontier to accomplish these site visits and know your company’s property is in a known condition to protect the company as well as repair any damage or vandalism quickly to show diligence. It allows the land manager to get more accomplished which benefits the company.

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